• Record start for nodulator production
  • Plant science sector acts on FAW threat
  • FMC Graslan raises funds for RFDS
  • Nutrien grows global reach

On The Move

Rural Business

  • Industry must act on fungicide resistance
  • Elders names 2020 agronomy grads
  • Gallagher launches ‘Let’s Meet’ initiative

Management- Coping or moping


  • Pain relief on iconic cattle station
  • Two-in-one mineral with vitamin B12
  • New Group Q pre-em for 2020 release
  • Don’t forget micronutrient requirements
  • New insecticide targets pests in vegie crops
  • Mild autumn sparks algal blooms
  • Record tests at Dawbuts lab in April
  • Prepare sheep for feedlots or grain diets
  • TruFlex aids late season weed control
  • Barley yield off the planet

Commentary - Restocking the nation's fodder

Post-emergent herbicides

  • New herbicide options tackle problem weeds
  • Select the Xtra quality clethodim formulation
  • Hasten cross-labelled on 45 agchem products

Rodent & vertebrate pest control

  • Rodent control improves overall farm health
  • Anticoagulants best choice in rodenticides
  • Rats seek shelter as temperatures drop
  • The right rodenticide for every situation
  • Know your pest

Tropical agriculture & sugar cane

  • Control fruit spotting bug with Trivor
  • Industry leaders adopt imidacloprid strategy
  • Selontra rodenticide protects macadamias
  • Valor stands its ground in tropical deluges
  • New online planner for sugar cane industry