Agribusiness News

  • Landcare gets help with biodiversity
  • Humans and plant genes resist drugs
  • Australia to benefit from Biobest deal
  • Median farm values grow in all states
  • Cotton grower funding boost


On the Move

Vale Bill Blackhall

Rural Business

  • Bayer starts The Big Fish Challenge!
  • Corteva announces scholarship winners
  • Digital standards – boring or intriguing?
  • Beef's once-in-generation opportunity
  • Plant Health Aust marks 21st birthday



  • UPL’s new gen aphid control for canola
  • Start with a clean boom sprayer
  • Miravis Prime offers value to hort crops
  • Winning all the weigh to the bank
  • Wider fungicide spray window a ‘game changer’
  • Liquid fertilisers add flexibility to seeding
  • What makes Ivomec such a trusted brand?
  • Grochem releases fall armyworm kit
  • What risks do snails and slugs pose?
  • Growers act on promise of strong wheat outlook


Post-emergent herbicides

  • Arylex active covers all weed control options
  • Ask an expert: tank mix compatibility

Rodent & vertebrate pest control

  • Integrated approach for optimal rodent control
  • How do know that a rodent product works?
  • Westonfence saves grain crop from kangaroos
  • Fast, economic and reliable rodent control
  • Rodent risks posed to human and animal health

Tropical agriculture & sugar cane

  • Valor comes out on top again in sugarcane
  • GYP-FLO flowable gypsum original and the best!
  • Roots of Israel journey now growing at Tully
  • Tropical ag just like home for Kenso Agcare