Agribusiness News

  • Cotton crop second highest on record
  • Incitec buys Australian Bio Fert Co.
  • Bayer invites new compounds for research
  • RapidAIM pest forecasting to commence
  • NFFC fruit fly funding boost
  • Traceability unlocks better farm returns

On The Move

Rural Business

  • Game-changing agtech solution
  • Regional Men’s Sheds get help from UPL
  • Agtech making Aust future-proof

Management - Succession planning


  • Big benefits from new chemistry in pulse crops
  • Quality the key to top-end mangoes
  • The new name in Aussie fencing
  • Test that your sheep drench is working!
  • Buctril for broadleaf weed control
  • Enzymes boost nutrient uptake
  • New macadamia pest options
  • Altacor Hort insecticide’s spring update
  • Innovative new slug & snail bait

Knockdown & Pre-emergent Herbicides

  • One pass pre-em grass and broadleaf control
  • Resistance testing informs herbicide choice
  • Guerrilla: fenceline management
  • New herbicide unveiled for 2022 season
  • Tips for better summer weed management

Cattle Care & Health

  • Questions you need to ask about drenching
  • Keep liver fluke on your radar this autumn
  • Trace elements vital for optimal production
  • OrganiPro boosts profits for organic producers
  • Minimising the risk of mycotoxins in cattle
  • ProfeLac milk replacer gives cattle a good start

Seed Treatments and Coatings

  • Systiva raising the bar for barley yields
  • Alosca granules offer flexibility and yield
  • TagTeam dry inoculant a gamechanger on pulses
  • The best seed treatments following a wet harvest
  • The ‘old fashioned’ input that’s all the rage