Agribusiness News

  • Ag is global, farming is local says Nutrien
  • Biosecurity strategy 2030+
  • Help keep out khapra beetle
  • Study shows fertiliser is ‘essential’

On The Move

Rural Business

  • 2021 Cotton Grower of the Year winners
  • Standardisation key to unite agtech
  • Fertiliser choice can cut CO2 emissions


  • UPL launches Uplift fungicide
  • Davo’s Reel Clip a winner
  • Strong start for new FMC herbicide
  • Managing JEV threat in piggeries
  • New Gallagher Loadbars go wireless
  • Wengfu Aust’s Fertbook a hit
  • Bio‘logical’ farming makes sense
  • Here's Cheers to pulses!

Post-emergent herbicides

  • Resistance strategy shift for wild oats
  • Boxer early post-em targets annual ryegrass
  • Opportunity to boost broadleaf weed control
  • Trials confirm benefits of new cereal herbicide

Rodent control

  • Changes in weather and rodent behaviour
  • Tomcat with bromethalin Blox rodenticide
  • Should we smell a rat in mouse management?
  • Hard choices simple with Generation Blue baits

Tropical agriculture & sugar cane

  • Omnia Biostimulants boost sugar cane yields
  • More Haifa agronomic support Apps on the way
  • Syngenta hort pipeline has great fit in the north
  • Softer insecticide option for managing lace bug