Why Advertise with us

Rural Business is a ‘trade magazine’ which exists specifically for the rural supply and distribution trade.

We are the official media partner of CropLife Australia and partner with Hort Connections. We also have a close working relationship with Agsafe, together with all major supply companies and rural reseller groups in Australia.

Our primary audience is the retail network that sells inputs to farmers (approx. 73 per cent of readers). These readers are the owners and managers of the retail businesses, and their employees, who provide products and advice and make product recommendations to farmers.

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Our secondary audience is the supplier companies/manufacturers who sell these inputs to the retail network (approx. 27 per cent of readers). These suppliers are primarily crop protection, animal health, animal nutrition, livestock handling and EID, fencing, seed and fertiliser companies, together with technology suppliers.

Our supplier network readership is dominated by sales, marketing, technical/agronomy and logistics personnel. Rural Business provides a comprehensive series of Market Insights timed to provide specific product advice to help support customer enquiries for the products you sell.

Advertisers are invited to support their advertising with editorial for these Market Insights and also for our popular ‘Merchandise’ section which features in every issue.

You should consider advertising in Rural Business magazine if you sell products and services to the rural retail distribution network, or you provide inputs, products and services to the companies that operate in the Australian agricultural marketplace.

Rural Business is an A4 sized publication produced on quality stock.

The circulation of Rural Business is approximately 2500 with a very significant ‘multiplier effect’ of multiple readership both within rural stores and at head office companies, plus our website.

The magazine is published 11 times a year (Dec and Jan issues are combined).