• Retail stores promised rock solid future
  • BASF invests in Somersby production
  • Elders gets green light to buy AIRR
  • Nufarm whacks Brazilian job

Rural Business

  • Fertile new ideas at fertiliser conference
  • Environmental award winners
  • $2.4 million custom seed processing line
  • Can smarter tech help feed the world?
  • FMC showcases its global facilities

Commentary - Our next great cash crop?

Management- Inventory Management


  • Best results with targeted insecticides
  • BASF launches new fungicide seed treatment
  • Go with the (Sakura) Flow
  • Fascinating alternative to China’s agchem
  • Ask an expert: weed chipping made easy

Resistance management

  • Spreading WeedSmart’s irresistible message
  • IPM tactics changing horticultural landscape
  • Breakthrough broadacre herbicide coming soon
  • Mix It Up to manage herbicide resistance
  • Systiva continues to be a barley game changer

Grain Protection

  • Protect that investment sitting in the silo
  • World leader in stored grain fumigation
  • Valuable cereal harvest is worth protecting

Specialty fertilisers & nutrition

  • Micronutrients optimise quality and shelf life
  • High tech efficiency enhanced fertilisers
  • Stoller hosts roadshow
  • Not all micronutrients are created equal
  • Silicon turf trials showing good results