AGT varieties are the pick of the crop

May 15, 2023 | 5 Min read
From the world’s first CoAXium barley to elite yielding wheat with APH quality classification, there are many reasons for Australian grain growers to choose an Australian Grain Technologies (AGT) variety to grow this winter.

From the world’s first CoAXium barley to elite yielding wheat with APH quality classification, there are many reasons for Australian grain growers to choose an Australian Grain Technologies (AGT) variety to grow this winter.

Dan Vater, head of Variety Support at AGT, outlines some of the features of available AGT varieties that make this year’s selection the pick of the crop:

Sunmaster – The highest yielding APH variety in NSW.

“Sunmaster has been developed as a successor to the successful variety Suntop,” he said.

“Sunmaster achieved excellent results in AGT breeding trials, including yields that were six to nine per cent higher than Suntop along with an APH classification that can mean a significantly higher profit potential for growers.

“Sunmaster retains the planting window and maturity characteristics of Suntop, with the enhanced lodging tolerance of a shorter plant.

The higher yield potential of Sunmaster makes it a worthy successor to Suntop and should be a lucrative choice for growers across NSW and Queensland.”

Calibre wheat – Elite Yield, longer coleoptile.

Calibre is derived from Scepter and offers the significant advantage of a longer coleoptile.

“Coleoptile length defines how deeply you can plant the seed, so a longer coleoptile offers advantages for planting deeper to access a receding water profile or ensuring germination if the furrow gets filled by wind or rain events,” Mr Vater said.

“It can also be an advantage for separating the germinating seed from a pre-emergent herbicide application.”

“Calibre is a quick-mid maturing variety with head emergence coming a little sooner than Scepter, and will suit all areas that have previously grown Scepter, from Western Australia, through South Australia and Victoria, and into southern NSW.

“It has an AH quality classification in these target areas, with a sound physical grain quality package.”

Titan AX – The world’s first CoAXium barley.

Titan AX is the first barley variety to be released by AGT as part of the CoAXium Barley Production System, offering tolerance to Aggressor (a Group 1, quizalofop-p-ethyl) herbicide.

A new tool for control of tough annual grass weeds, including brome grass, barley grass, wild oats, susceptible ryegrass, and ALS (Group 2) resistant weeds, the system provides more crop rotation freedom due to lack of soil residue, offering an alternative to Clearfield technology.

“Importantly, Mr Vater said Aggressor herbicide applied according to the label does not result in residues in barley grain, so no market access issues have been identified.

“Titan AX is agronomically similar to popular variety Compass. It’s a plant type that particularly lends itself to low-medium or Mallee style environments where early vigour and longer straw is preferred, and where lodging is less of an issue.”

Patron – The highest yielding durum available.

“Patron has displayed outstanding yield performance in both AGT and NVT trials and is now the yield benchmark for durum growing regions of SA and Victoria,” Mr Vater said.

“Not only does Patron offer elite yields over all established varieties, but it has also recorded high test weights and low screenings in trials and has an ADR quality classification in the Southern Zone.

“The disease profile of Patron is comparable with most durum varieties currently on the market, with good resistance to most foliar diseases, with provisional data suggesting that Patron offers a slight improvement in crown rot resistance over other commonly grown varieties.”

Minotaur barley – Euro yield, Aussie toughness.

“Minotaur has proven an ideal substitute for RGT Planet in medium to high rainfall zones,” Mr Vater said.

“In trials, Minotaur significantly out-yielded Planet in all but the most favourable conditions – including drier seasons with a long and favourable finish, short seasons with terminal drought stress and average seasons with moderate yield potential.

“Minotaur provides the option of a mid-slow maturity that is slightly slower than RGT Planet, allowing growers to better manage large sowing programs or a late season break. It also has better resistance to net form and spot form net blotch in some environments.”

More information on all of these varieties can be found at AGT’s website.

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