Cimegra protects brassicas.

July 11, 2024 | 5 Min read
Cimegra is the new weapon in BASFs arsenal in the fight to protect brassicas.

Cimegra is the new weapon in BASFs arsenal in the fight to protect brassicas.

Recently launched in Australia, Cimegra is powered by a new active ingredient Broflanilide, formulated using BASF technology. 

Following the successful registration and launch in China in 2021, and Indonesia in 2023, BASF is excited to help farmers by providing effective and long duration protection against tough insect pests across a wide variety of crops.  

With its novel mode of action, Cimegra insecticide is among the first in the market introduced under the IRAC group 30 MoA, representing a new class of insecticides with meta-diamides and isoxazolines. 

Cimegra has no known cross-resistance with existing products in the market, making it a superior insecticide resistance management tool. 

Cimegra is registered for use on brassica vegetables and offers farmers a powerful solution for controlling critical insect pests such as Diamondback moth, and when 

used as part of integrated pest management program, it also helps combat resistance. 

Head of Agricultural Solutions at BASF Gavin Jackson said farming is the biggest job on earth as farmers balance the needs of putting food on the table, practicing environmental stewardship, coping with unpredictable weather conditions, pests, and diseases, while taking into account their livelihoods.

“At BASF, we work alongside farmers to understand their needs, and this launch of Cimegra will allow farmers to control critical insect pests that they are struggling to deal with,” Mr Jackson said.

Cimegra is effective at controlling Diamondback moth, with its translaminar movement. This versatile insecticide is able to work on insects feeding underneath the leaves, providing comprehensive coverage for growers. 

A valuable aspect of Cimegra is its ability to be effective on the toughest resistant insects by attacking their nervous system. Supported by a fast-spreading ability, Cimegra performs excellent control of insects in different crops at various stages. 

This new technology is highly versatile and offers excellent resistance management at a low application rate.

 It is also compatible with a wide range of products when mixed in a tank. 

"This innovation demonstrates BASF’s commitment to providing innovative solutions to farmers for controlling various pests," Mr Jackson said.




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