Datamars Tru-Test WOW relaunched

Aug. 26, 2022 | 5 Min read
Agricultural technology company, Datamars Livestock, has evolved and relaunched its Tru-Test in-paddock Walk Over Weighing (WOW) cattle weighing product line.

The new Tru-Test range features severa; key improvements, including four-foot and two-foot weighing options on the upgraded and renamed Flexi 4000C models.

The renamed lineup includes the Prime 4000C, PrimeDraft 4000C, Flexi 4000C, FlexiDraft 4000C and Flexi Mobile 4000C – to ensure a comprehensive offering of weighing and data solutions for a diversity of enterprises across the Australian livestock supply chain.

Tru-Test commercial director of smart farming, Verne Atmore said Tru-Test WOW systems help producers to collect accurate, daily data and insights on individual cattle weights, to make timely decisions on livestock performance and pasture management.

She said Datamars Livestock invested in the improvement of the WOW product line to better meet the needs of producers across the country, while strengthening the integrity of data collected by the system.

“WOW helps producers to accurately and easily capture valuable livestock data for better decision making to maximise productivity and enhance pasture management, to ultimately grow profitability,” Ms Atmore said.

“Importantly, producers can monitor the performance of their cattle and make these decisions, anywhere, anytime, through the web application.

The system also removes the need to handle animals, reducing labour costs and improving animal welfare outcomes.

“We also understand that mobility is key, especially in intensive grazing environments, and have focused our upgrades of the popular Flexi 4000C WOW products,” Ms Atmore said.

“This includes the prefabrication of the product line and providing piece-of-mind that comes with unpacking a fully assembled product. It’s ready to use straight away.

“The Flexi 4000C range provides farmers the flexibility to choose a range of weighing options, such as walk-over-weighing or walk-on-weighing, with either two or four-feet configurations.

“For example, if a farmer wants accuracy and data on each animal, walk-over-weighing is the ideal solution,” Ms Atmore said.

“Those farmers wanting an indication of the overall herd’s performance, but who don’t necessarily require every animal to be weighed individually, can use the two or four-foot walk-on weighing option.

“Two-foot weighing offers a range of benefits. It’s faster to set-up, all you do is insert a bar and put the bucket and lick block in place and there’s no external infrastructure required.

“The advantage of four-foot walk-on weighing is the accuracy. Two-foot weighing uses an algorithm to calculate the animal’s weight, whereas with four-foot the entire animal is weighed.”

Other key features include a gas-strut on the solar panel wing to make raising or lowering the unit easier when moved, and the concealment of data and power cables to protect them from the harsh weather and inquisitive animals.

The new Flexi 4000C has also been fitted with an exclusion cage to strengthen data integrity.

“The squares within the exclusion cage prevent radio frequency identification or electronic identification tags being read from behind the antenna, meaning only the animal walking over or on the unit will have its tag read,” Ms Atmore said.

“This ensures the weight that’s recorded will be matched the exact animal. This is particularly important when there are multiple animals around the unit at one time so the weight recorded matches the correct animal.”

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