Don’t waste time, Hasten instead

July 12, 2024 | 5 Min read
In the dynamic world of agriculture, staying ahead means having the right tools at your disposal.

 In the dynamic world of agriculture, staying ahead means having the right tools at your disposal.

VICCHEM’s Hasten spray adjuvant is proven to unlock the power of your herbicide to make a real performance difference in your farming operation the company says.

Hasten tackles the challenges of effective weed control by breaking through the waxy plant cuticle, crucial for enhancing herbicide penetration. 

Its key mechanism, lipophilic diffusion, involves ethyl and methyl esters, which help transport active ingredients directly through these protective barriers.

Hasten also contains non-ionic surfactants which ensure thorough coverage and adhesion of the herbicide on the plant surface, mitigating the risk of evaporation and runoff.

By maximising your herbicide contact time and minimising wastage, Hasten transforms every herbicide application to a precise and efficient endeavour.

Hasten’s ability to extend herbicide contact time on plant surfaces by slowing the evaporation of spray droplets is delivered through it esterified oil in its formulation and further enhances retention by preventing the crystallization of water-soluble herbicides, guaranteeing precise and targeted application. 

Additionally, it aids in maintaining adhesion of spray droplets to plant surfaces, significantly reducing runoff and wastage, and improving the results of your herbicide.

With Hasten, uniform wetting and spreading on plant targets are guaranteed, thanks to its ability to increase the coverage of spray droplets.

This ensures every part of the plant receives the necessary herbicide treatment for killing weeds.

Moreover, Hasten's formulation ensures dispersion and forms a stable emulsion in tank mixes, delivering consistent and reliable performance with every application, thereby offering growers predictable results and maximum efficiency.

VICCHEM territory manager and agronomist Jesh Smith says the most expensive herbicide you’ll ever use is the one that doesn’t work.

“So you should ensure you have confidence in all the products you put in your tank,” Mr Smith says.

“Hasten spray adjuvant’s unique formulation is a proven performer well recognised in the industry for improving the efficacy of a wide range of herbicides,” he says.

“Hasten’s proven results over the years empowers growers to fill their tanks with a quality Australian made product, at the same time as filling them with the confidence they’re putting their best foot forward in the war against weeds.”



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