Easy weighing and animal ID with new T40

June 23, 2023 | 5 Min read
Weighing livestock is a fundamental part of managing and monitoring your animals, whether you have a mob of five, or five hundred.

Weighing livestock is a fundamental part of managing and monitoring your animals, whether you have a mob of five, or five hundred.

Being able to monitor an animal’s performance and health with accurate weights and electronic identification gives farmers a powerful tool for making decisions on their livestock operations.

Thunderbird Ag general manager Dave Smith says weighing and electronic identification of livestock is particularly important for the monitoring of animal health.

Thunderbird Ag weighbars.

“The power of the smartphone app. It allows you to weigh and scan through Bluetooth connectivity and enables you to send the files direct to NLIS. It’s a feature packed, Australian made product.”

Mr Smith said Thunderbird Ag is breaking down barriers for farmers to start weighing their livestock, launching a new entry-level weighing and electronic identification solution. The T40 Bundle makes it easy for farmers to ‘weigh in’ on livestock performance and management.

“In December 2022, the Department of Primary Industries announced the implementation plan for EID compliance in NSW for sheep and goats. By 1 January, 2025, sheep and goats must be tagged to be compliant for sale yard depots and P2P scanning. Mandatory tagging for all sheep and goats leaving a property will come into play on 1 January 2027.

“To help farmers stay compliant, Thunderbird has developed the T40 weighing system. This system is the perfect entry-level solution for measuring livestock performance. It is simple to install, with an easy-to-use design, and connectivity to the Thunderbird Data Management app, via Bluetooth. The app is available on Google Play and Apple Store.”

Local Mudgee producer, Shelly Barnett is currently trialling the T40 Weighing System on her farm and has found that it has supported their on-farm operations and has made livestock management much easier.

“I was really surprised with how simple the product was to use, given the information you can receive. I will be able to keep track of my animal’s nutritional performance, really easily,” she said.

“This product will save me so much time with the information stored in the mobile app. It’s really neat and easy to use! I love the quality of Thunderbird’s product.”

Mr Smith said that with 37 years of manufacturing experience in Mudgee, Thunderbird is proud to produce a world-class solution for the Australian market.

“From injection moulding and electronic surface-mount technology to fabrication and assembly, Thunderbird is committed to supplying the market with quality Australia-made solutions.”

The T40 weighing system became available through rural resellers in mid-May.

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