Gallardo 900 revolutionises fungicides

June 24, 2023 | 5 Min read
Imtrade’s new Gallardo 900 WG Fungicide has revolutionised fungicidal treatments due to its high-loading granular formulation.

Imtrade’s new Gallardo 900 WG Fungicide has revolutionised fungicidal treatments due to its high-loading granular formulation.

Carbendazim has been widely used in the agricultural industry for many years. This biocide prevents cell division and growth in fungi by inhibiting beta-tubulin synthesis.

Its broad-spectrum capabilities make it effective against various fungal pathogens, including sclerotinia, alternaria, septoria, cercospora, fusarium, erysiphe, pseudocercosporella, cylindrosporium, uncinula, botrytis, cladosporium, venturia, podosphaera, monilia, tilletia, ustilago, and rhizoctonia.

Neil McPhee, Imtrade’s head of product development, said carbendazim treatment settings registered internationally have displayed a remarkable level of diversity, from cereals, cotton, tree fruits, grapes, vegetables, pasture, timber, turf and ornamentals.

“Today, this active ingredient is still frequently used as an effective fungicide in appropriate situations, controlling chocolate spot (Botrytis fabae) and grey mould (Botrytis cinerea) in legumes, such as chickpeas, faba beans, lentil, and vetch. It also prevents husk spot (Pseudocercospora macadamiae) in macadamia Nuts.

“If you’re looking for a carbendazim-based fungicide, Gallardo 900 WG Fungicide is the ‘best-informed choice’ on the market. Its high-loading formulation contains increased concentration levels of the active ingredient, resulting in less packaging, significantly extending shelf life, and ultimately reducing its environmental impact. It’s a triple-win solution that benefits you, your crops and the planet.”

Mr McPhee said Imtrade CropScience now dominates the market with its extensive selection of high-loading WG fungicides.

“Gallardo perfectly complements the already proven Octopus 800 WG Epoxiconazole, Connect 800 WG Azoxystrobin, Dalbie 800 WG Fungicide, Turbulence 800 WG Fungicide, and the highly sought-after Nosclex 800 WG Fungicide.

“Imtrade’s WG fungicides are a game-changer for growers and resellers, especially during drought seasons as the innovative formulations provide a strong sense of reassurance, as their improved shelf-life stability eliminates the risks associated with suspension concentrates – where the product can become unusable over time.

Mr McPhee said Gallardo 900 employs a small particle size for its active ingredient content to enhance target coverage.

“Even more importantly, it incorporates carefully chosen and matched surfactants, including polymeric dispersants so that the active ingredient particles are presented in the best way.

“When properly diluted in the spray tank before application, Gallardo 900 showcases outstanding dispersion and suspension performance, significantly improving the application process’s efficiency and effectiveness, leading to the best possible results.”

Mr McPhee said Imtrade Gallardo 900 WG Fungicide composition is free from fillers, making it ideal for those who require a high-quality product with no superfluous additives.

“Additionally, the formula contains a sequestering agent that effectively isolates any materials or metals that could negatively impact the solution’s effectiveness. Gallardo expertly blends traditional and modern elements to deliver an outstanding and robust product.

“Imtrade CropScience is constantly expanding its research and development portfolio. Expect to see more cutting-edge products in the future. Keep an eye out for new product launches and updates.”

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