Long-acting trace elements for livestock

Sept. 20, 2023 | 5 Min read
The effective delivery of trace elements is crucial for the optimal health and productivity of both cattle and sheep.

The effective delivery of trace elements is crucial for the optimal health and productivity of both cattle and sheep.

Long-acting bolus products offer a sustained and controlled release of essential trace elements over an extended period. This delivery mechanism presents distinct advantages when compared to traditional methods and is in increasing demand in the Australian market, says Mark Jones of Pacific Biologics.

“Long-acting boluses ensure a consistent and reliable supply of targeted trace elements. We now have six bolus formulations registered with the APVMA for use in both the sheep and cattle sector in Australia.

“These products can deliver a single trace element or several trace elements and vitamins to suit individual requirements.

“Trace elements are essential for metabolic processes, immune function, and reproductive health. These elements are often deficient in the diets of livestock, leading to suboptimal growth and increased susceptibility to diseases.

“The conventional approach of injecting or supplementing these elements periodically can result in fluctuations in blood levels which can be a costly with limited to no long-term benefits.”

247SMARTRACE ensures precise and sustained release of vital trace elements in sheep and cattle.

In contrast, long-acting boluses provide a slow and steady release of trace elements, mimicking the natural intake that animals would experience while grazing on diverse pastures. This means the farmer can reliably know each animal is on a level playing field and trace element requirements for each and every animal are being addressed equally.

“Furthermore, long-acting boluses offer practical benefits for both farmers and livestock. Administrating boluses is a one-time process, sparing farmers the labour-intensive task of repeated injections or manual supplementation,” Mr Jones said.

“This translates to lower labour costs and reduced animal stress from handling procedures. Additionally, the extended release of trace elements eliminates the need for frequent monitoring, freeing up valuable time for other farm management activities.”

The new range of bolus products available from Pacific Biologics includes Smartrace Copper, Smartrace Growing Cattle, All-Trace Cattle, Smartrace Adult Sheep and Calcium bolus for treatment and prevention of milk fever in cattle.

Mr Jones said Pacific Biologics offers a larger range to offer Australian producers far greater choice and flexibility for delivering trace elements to their cattle and sheep.

“As this approach continues to gain recognition for its effectiveness and convenience, more farmers are likely to embrace the precision and sustained release mechanism of a bolus.

“This ensures simpler herd management practices, a steady and controlled intake, promoting animal health, growth, and productivity and ultimately benefiting both livestock and agricultural efficiency.”

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