Maximising crop success

May 15, 2024 | 5 Min read
In the world of agriculture, every advantage counts. Maximising crop yield and uniformity while conserving resources and promoting sustainability is the holy grail for farmers worldwide.

In the world of agriculture, every advantage counts. 

Maximising crop yield and uniformity while conserving resources and promoting sustainability is the holy grail for farmers worldwide. 

In this pursuit, two innovative products, OmniRHR and Bacstim Seed, have emerged as a dynamic duo revolutionising farming practices and yielding remarkable results.  

OmniRHR offers a multitude of benefits significantly improving germination and root hydration. Key advantages include:  

  • enhanced germination: in non-wetting soils, OmniRHR ensures improved and even germination which is particularly crucial for challenging soil conditions, where achieving consistent germination can be difficult   
  • optimal root hydration: excels at enhancing root hydration and moisture retention in the seed bed across all soil types, creating a "wetting bulb" zone around the seed, allowing for better moisture absorption and germination, even in dry starts  
  • microbial and soil benefits: OmniRHR contains stimulation of humates enhancing microbial and physical soil benefits, improving soil health, fertility and contributing to the long-term sustainability of your land 
  • nutrient availability: improves nutrient availability and retention in the root zone, ensuring crops have access to essential nutrients for growth   
  • root system growth: significant levels of humic acid and kelp extract in OmniRHR promote better root system growth essential for crop establishment. This is particularly beneficial for crops like lupins and canola that often struggle with even establishment.  

The application of OmniRHR as a liquid in furrow injection at seeding allows it to capture and distribute available moisture efficiently, even through multiple wet/dry cycles. This ensures that your crops receive the moisture they need to thrive, regardless of weather conditions.  

Bacstim Seed complements OmniRHR beautifully by harnessing the power of beneficial bacteria. These bacteria play a crucial role in promoting root growth and overall crop health. Key benefits of Bacstim Seed include:  

  • phytohormone production: five strains of bacillus species produce phytohormone to stimulate root growth promote a robust and healthy root system, essential for nutrient absorption and stress resistance.  
  • nutrient uptake: these bacteria also improve nutrient mineralisation and uptake within the root zone, with a particular focus on enhancing phosphorous uptake—a critical nutrient for crop development.  
  • stress resistance: enhances stress resistance in crops making them more resilient to adverse conditions and ultimately increasing chances of thriving.  
  • yield enhancement: by promoting crop biomass and yield, Bacstim Seed helps you achieve the maximum potential of your crops, resulting in a more profitable harvest.  
  • longevity: The spore form of Bacstim Seed ensures longevity, providing lasting benefits to your crops throughout the growth cycle.  
  • compatibility: Bacstim Seed is compatible with fungicides and other nutrient products, allowing you to seamlessly integrate it into your existing farming practices.  
  • ease of application: applying Bacstim Seed onto seed is a straightforward process, making it a practical choice for farmers seeking to maximise crop potential.  

With OmniRHR enhancing germination and root hydration, and Bacstim Seed promoting root growth, nutrient uptake and stress resistance, these two products combined will transform your agricultural operation and achieve uniform crops, higher yields and greater sustainability right across your farming practice. 

Invest in the future of your crops with this winning combination and unlock the full potential of your agricultural business.  


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