New D-Ploy Plus grain protectant a perfect fit

Nov. 3, 2023 | 5 Min read
As the world of agriculture constantly evolves, innovative yet simple solutions are essential. Nowhere is this more important than protecting the annual grain harvest.

As the world of agriculture constantly evolves, innovative yet simple solutions are essential. Nowhere is this more important than protecting the annual grain harvest.

Kerry Miles, an industry expert from Grain Protect said by combining the power of Diplomat 500 EC Grain Protectant and D-Ploy Grain Protectant into a two-in-one solution, Imtrade’s D-Ploy PLUS provides a level of convenience and effectiveness that makes it stand out among grain protectants.

The key actives in Imtrade’s D-Ploy PLUS are deltamethrin, chlorpyrifos-methyl and piperonyl butoxide (PBO).

Deltamethrin disrupts the production of nerve signals in the sensory system of the target pest through direct contact and ingestion, while chlorpyrifos-methyl hinders acetylcholinesterase activity, also affecting the sensory system.

The inclusion of piperonyl butoxide (PBO) in D-Ploy PLUS improves the efficacy of the pesticide. Being a synergist, PBO blocks the production of mixed-function oxidase enzymes, affecting the target pests' ability to metabolise the active ingredients.

“Imtrade’s D-Ploy is now in its third year of use, and we can report that there is no difference between the clients who use D-Ploy or other deltamethrin based grain treatments,” Mr Miles said.

“With identical formulations and pack sizes, customers are invited to save money and support the only supplier currently spending money on R&D for grain treatments. An example of this is D-Ploy PLUS.

“For the first time since the use of malathion in the 70’s we have a product which needs no mixing partner. D-Ploy PLUS is a premixed combination product containing the actives from D-Ploy and Diplomat together in a single drum.

“Users are now able to purchase a 2L pack for treating small silos or just easy mixing as a 50L mix to treat 50 tons. The larger 10L pack treats 250 tonnes which is the most popular size.”

Mr Miles said the benefits of utilising D-Ploy PLUS go beyond the blend of actives.

“For the first time in the grain treatment industry we also have a 110L enviro drum which not only provides a closed loop recycling program but also delivers enough product to treat 2750 tonnes – perfect for bulk handlers, businesses and farmers with ex-bulk handler sites and the larger on farm storages.

“D-Ploy PLUS has no withholding period when used as directed on the label and is accepted in all domestic markets where pesticide treated grain is approved. D-Ploy PLUS however is not approved for malt barley; users are recommended to apply D-Ploy and a fenitrothion based product to malt barley.”

Mr Miles said Imtrade CropScience is always striving to improve its grain protectant solutions, highlighted by its latest offering, Designate Select Grain Protectant. He recommends using Designate Select in a rotational strategy to ensure the best results and protect against resistance.

“Once you have used D-Ploy PLUS, rotate the following year to Designate Select Grain Protectant. Designate Select is the latest offering consisting of spinosad and s-methoprene plus PBO.

“When partnered with Diplomat or a fenitrothion product it is an excellent rotation partner to D-Ploy and D-Ploy PLUS to ensure insects in your storages are a distant memory.”

Mr Miles recommends the following steps for preparing grain storages this harvest:

• Ensure storages are clean and free of all grain residues

• Apply structural treatments prior to filling with grain

• Select a grain treatment if the storage is unsealed

• Apply grain treatments at 1L per ton

• Rotate between D-Ploy/D-Ploy PLUS and Designate each year

• Mixing partners where used, cannot be rotated as they are all organophosphates

After harvest return your:

• Enviro drum to the place of purchase for recycling

• drumMUSTER drums to a drumMUSTER site

• Monitor your storage monthly for changes in storage conditions.

“Protecting your grain resources from pests can be daunting, especially when dealing with unsealed storage silos or sheds where fumigation methods are unfeasible,” Mr Miles said.

“D-Ploy PLUS is a highly effective solution that can help you overcome this challenge, preventing pests from thriving and taking hold, ensuring that your grain remains in excellent condition for an extended period.

“You can trust D-Ploy PLUS to keep your grain safe and secure.”

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