#PlantASeedForSafety winners announced

Oct. 30, 2023 | 5 Min read
Syngenta Australia, in partnership with #PlantASeedForSafety, is excited to announce the winner of the highly anticipated #SafetySwagger photo competition during National Safe Work Month (October).

Syngenta Australia, in partnership with #PlantASeedForSafety, is excited to announce the winner of the highly anticipated #SafetySwagger photo competition during National Safe Work Month (October).

Prue Crawford from the Victoria Valley in Victoria, nominated by her friend Elle Moyle, has been selected as the winner for her exceptional commitment to health, safety, and well-being in rural Australia.

Ms Crawford, who has a strong connection to rural Australia, truly embodies the essence of #SafetySwagger, says Paul Luxton, managing director and country head of Syngenta Australia.

“Her track record of inspiring others within her community has made her a shining example of leadership in promoting a culture of safety in the agricultural industry in the areas of vehicle safety, heavy machinery awareness, ag-chemical storage safety, bushfire preparedness, safe animal husbandry and first aid.”

The #SafetySwagger photo competition called on farmers, farm workers, farm advisors, and members of the agricultural community to nominate individuals who go above and beyond to prioritise the health, safety and well-being of themselves and others.

Mr Luxton said Prue's nomination stood out among the numerous heartfelt entries received from all across Australia.

“As the winner of the #SafetySwagger photo competition, Prue and her nominator Elle, will each be awarded a grand prize that includes a $500 Coles/Myer gift voucher, an Akubra hat to the value of $300, and a #PlantASeedForSafety work shirt.

“Additionally, Prue’s inspiring story and photograph will be prominently featured in a special tribute on the Syngenta Australia and #PlantASeedForSafety websites, social media channels, and other promotional materials.

“Syngenta Australia and #PlantASeedForSafety extend their sincere congratulations to nominator Elle Moyle and winner Prue Crawford for her outstanding dedication and commitment to fostering a culture of safety in the agricultural industry.

“Prue’s balanced, practical and ever-evolving approach to safety on farm, while overseeing farm operations, managing the farm’s finances and raising a family, is inspiring. Her remarkable efforts serve as an inspiration to others and highlight the importance of prioritising health, safety, and well-being within farming communities.

“You don’t need to work harder, faster and for longer, to be productive in agriculture”

Alex Thomas, founder of #PlantASeedForSafety said, “Not only does Prue take a contemporary approach to improving health and safety, but her investment in role- modelling work/life balance actively combats the dangerous assumption that you need to work harder, faster and for longer, in order to be productive in agriculture. Prue’s actions are a stellar example of what it means to have #SafetySwagger.”

Lucy Morrissey.

Additionally, Lucy Morrissey from Queensland, nominated by her friend, Primrose Sturrock, has been recognised as the runner-up for her positive impact on health, safety, and well-being.

Mr Luxton said Ms Morrissey's dedication to developing a stockmanship, horsemanship and team development training program that ensures livestock businesses across Australia can learn and practice the safest and most efficient methods of handling stock have not only made a difference within her community but inspire others within the agricultural industry at large.

“Lucy's passion to bring positive change to the animal welfare and work health and safety aspects of the agriculture industry is acknowledged and celebrated.”

Alex Thomas said, “Rural women are often the barometers for the health, safety and wellbeing of those in rural communities, and Prue and Lucy are no exception.

“#PlantASeedForSafety is delighted to help shine a spotlight on two everyday safety superheroes who are changing the face of health and safety in agriculture, for the better.”

To stay updated on future initiatives, visit the Syngenta Australia website and follow #PlantASeedForSafety on social media.

About #PlantASeedForSafety:

#PlantASeedForSafety is a for-purpose organisation dedicated to promoting rural health, safety and wellbeing.

Through educational programs, awareness campaigns and community engagement, #PlantASeedForSafety aims to ultimately bring people home to their loved ones at the end of each day.

#SafetySwagger competition summary

The winners of the #SafetySwagger competition to celebrate leadership in health, safety, and well-being were announced during National Safe Work Month (October).

• Prue Crawford from Victoria has been selected as the winner

• Lucy Morrisey from Queensland has been selected as runner-up

The photo competition aimed to capture leaders who make an impact in their communities and embody #SafetySwagger.

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