Seeds professional program launched

Dec. 16, 2022 | 5 Min read
The Australian Seed Federation (ASF) has launched the first education, training and professional development program specifically tailored for the seed industry in Australia.

The Australian Seed Federation (ASF) has launched the first education, training and professional development program specifically tailored for the seed industry in Australia.

The newly developed Seed Industry Professional Program is a seed industry focused program that enables ASF members to be recognised for their commitment to continual professional education and industry engagement.

“We are excited to launch this program, providing seed industry professionals with a broad and thorough understanding of seed industry related skills and topics. They can also earn recognition for their learning and industry engagement,” says ASF manager of public affairs and education, Fergus Brown.

“The focus and goal of this program is to share the wealth of knowledge available within the Australian seed industry. There are years of experience, knowledge and skill in the industry and among ASF members. We thought: how can we share this with the next generation?”

Mr Brown said the Seed Industry Professional Program was designed to focus on two elements: learning and professional development.

The ASF has developed a bespoke e-learning online platform which allows members to access interactive short courses and webinars on demand on mobile, tablet and desktop.

“There is a broad range of topics for members to learn about, they can pick and choose which topics are of interest to them or would be of value to their current roles.

“The e-learning platform provides the flexibility to learn when and where they want. Topics available include: Seed certification and how to read a seed analysis certificate; Plant Breeder’s Rights; Seed production and seed coating; Seed processing; Seed import and export; Seed molecular testing; ‘Seed 101’ – the basics; and Plant breeding.”

As well as providing locally available, seed industry-specific training and education, the Seed Industry Professional Program provides a pathway for professional development. The program is structured as a professional development (PD) points system.

Mr Brown said by undertaking learning and engaging on ASF activities, members are showing a commitment to their profession and showing initiative by growing their skills and knowledge.

“In recognition of this, members will earn points and awards for each short course they complete, for each training event they undertake, and for a range of ASF industry engagement activities.”

Once a set level of professional development is complete, members will be accredited as a ‘Seed Industry Professional’.

As well as providing benefits to members through learning and professional development opportunities, Mr Brown said the program is a valuable tool for companies to attract and retain talent.

“ASF members have a passion for the seed industry, and want to support, nurture and develop their teams through education and training.

“New faces to the seed industry want to learn about the range of specialist areas and learn about potential career pathways available to them. The Seed Industry Professional Program provides that first step on a professional accreditation journey in the seed industry.”

The program is currently only available to ASF member companies, including all their staff/teams. If you are interested in finding out more about the program visit the ASF website.

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