Sheep EID made simple with Datamars Livestock

July 12, 2023 | 5 Min read
As Australia continues to prioritise livestock traceability, the implementation of electronic identification (EID) systems is crucial.

As Australia continues to prioritise livestock traceability, the implementation of electronic identification (EID) systems is crucial.

“It’s time to ensure you are equipped with the right products and services to support your sheep producers,” says Datamars Australia marketing coordinator, Ana Cubillos.

“Did you know that Datamars Livestock's NLIS approved ZTags for sheep range provide reliable and compliant livestock identification solutions to meet market requirements?

Available in nine colours, this TagFaster can tag sheep with FET tags to make ID easy.

“As a leading provider in the industry, Datamars Livestock offers their livestock management and NLIS approved ZTags for sheep. With a strong focus on meeting market requirements, ZTags delivers a reliable and compliant solution for sheep identification.”

Ms Cubillos said farmers have trusted ZTags for over 20 years, recognising their ease of use and proven retention. “Whether it's visual identification or RFID technology, Datamars Livestock's ZTags provides farmers with all-round options to suit their needs.

The Datamars FET tagger provides quick tagging of sheep to meet NLIS requirements. 

“Datamars Livestock supplies a tag portfolio for sheep, featuring the versatile TagFaster Multishot Tags and the convenient FET Tags. Available in nine colours, these tags offer a range of options for sheep farmers.

“With easy application, lightweight materials, high visibility laser-printed information, and a choice of colours, this sheep tag portfolio ensures efficient and accurate identification while enhancing sheep management.

“To support the farmer when it comes to choosing the right tags, Datamars Livestock has designed in-store display and education materials for you to utilise. Our comprehensive range includes posters, standees, and brochures that not only showcase the tag options but also educate farmers on the benefits of tagging.

“Additionally, resellers should take advantage of the frequent promotions that can help drive further interest and boost tag sales in your store.”

Ms Cubillos said Datamars Livestock provides the ZTags user friendly online ordering tool, designed to simplify the Tag Ordering Process.

“Creating an account is a straightforward process, allowing you to conveniently place orders on behalf of producers, streamlining operations and minimising errors. Additionally, accessing your store profile and order history is effortless.

“To start using today, visit online/ and while you’re online, why not organise some instore training from Datamars Livestock experienced territory managers?”

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