Sundew seeking distribution partners

July 9, 2024 | 5 Min read
In the diverse expanse of Australia's agricultural landscape, innovation is the key to success.

In the diverse expanse of Australia's agricultural landscape, innovation is the key to success.

Sundew Solutions is an Australian business renowned for its pioneering work in the pest control segment and it now has its sights on the horticulture market with its latest breakthrough: Chariot 150 SC Insecticide.

For more than a decade, Sundew has been a stalwart in supplying cutting-edge pest treatment solutions to the professional pest control segment.

However, it says the journey into the agricultural market truly began when farmers across the country voiced their need for more efficient pesticide formulations.

Sundew Crop Solutions chief executive David Priddy recalls the pivotal moment: “Farmers saw what our company was achieving in the professional market and explained to us existing 300g/kg indoxacarb water dispersible granule products were cumbersome to use, required additional steps and had the additional expense of adding wetters before applying to crops.

“They wanted a better alternative,” Mr Priddy says.

Responding to the call for innovation, the Sundew boss said the company embarked on a mission to develop a modern solution.

The result? 

Australia's first 150 g/L indoxacarb suspension concentrate, Chariot 150 SC Insecticide – with a built-in 'wetter' formulation technology.

“Chariot 150 SC isn't just a game-changer, it’s a game-winner,” Mr Priddy added.

“Approved for a broad spectrum of crops including brassicas, leafy vegetables, apples, pears, stone fruit, and legumes like chickpeas, faba beans, mungbeans, and soybeans, it targets a wide range of pests, from codling moth to cabbage white butterfly,” he said.

“Chariot 150 SC Insecticide epitomises our commitment to listening to farmers and crafting innovative solutions to simplify their lives.”

But Sundew’s journey doesn't end here.

With Chariot paving the way, the company is actively seeking distribution partners to take its innovative solutions to farmers nationwide.

Mr Priddy is inviting interested parties to contact him on 1800 SUNDEW or (03) 9729 6227 or email him directly at

“In a landscape where efficiency and effectiveness are paramount, Sundew stands ready to listen to Australian farmers needs and develop formulation innovation, one breakthrough at a time,” he added.






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