Numnuts – better for lambs better for business.

July 10, 2024 | 5 Min read
Amongst every farming operation is a commitment and dedication to the health and wellbeing of their animals.

Amongst every farming operation is a commitment and dedication to the health and wellbeing of their animals.

Not only is it about meeting industry standards, but it is also about setting the bar higher, embodying ethical and sustainable approaches that define excellence in the industry.

Leading the way in effective pain management is Dechra Pharmaceuticals. 

Dechra is now proudly distributing targeted pain relief product Numnuts.

Numnuts, in combination with local anaesthetic NumOcaine, is a revolutionary solution that redefines the way farmers care for their lambs during animal husbandry procedures of tail docking and castration.

The benefits from the device go far beyond pain relief alone.

Scientific study conducted by CSIRO and the University of Melbourne found NumOcaine substantially reduces pain-related behaviours immediately after marking.

With immediate pain relief lambs can reunite with their mothers faster and seamlessly transition back into grazing land.

Immediate pain relief makes business sense.

Numnuts’ innovative 2 in 1 design, combines an easy-to-use ring applicator with an injection mechanism dispensing NumOcaine local anaesthetic, providing immediate pain relief from acute pain.

Numnuts helps farmers give their lambs the best start at life.

Farmer David Paterson said without pain relief, he would be seeing heaps of lambs in pain in a corner.

“There’s none of that now,” he says.

“We see very little mismothering when they’re returned to a yard of 1000 ewes, and walking the mob back to the paddock is now so easy to do.”

By incorporating Numnuts into farming practices and the business operation, industry standards are not just met – they’re exceeded.

Numnuts adheres to the Australian sheep standards and welfare guidelines whilst demonstrating a commitment to best industry practice.

In a time where ethical farming practices are paramount, Numnuts isn’t just a product, it's a statement.

It is a testament to your business’s dedication to the well-being of animals whilst also demonstrating an unwavering commitment to sustainability.

Why not give lambs the best start at life and successfully position your business as advocators for animal welfare and ethical treatment.

Clare and David Paterson have embraced Numnuts pain relief in their flock.





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